This Womyn

Who I am, In case you were Wondering:

K. Tubman

Welcome! A little bit about myself: I was born in Brooklyn to Liberian and Guinean parents. I have never been to either West African countries, but my goal is to get there soon. For a while I was London-Bound, but I made it there about a year ago. Now I’m hopefully Chicago-Bound.

(No I’m not related to Harriet Tubman, although I haven’t confirmed that yet.)

I’m formerly vegan—now just plain ole vegetarian again. I’m an Identical Twin, a Bibliophile and pleasantly Queer. I enjoy creative writing. Much of that will occur on this blog. And every now and then I perform sPoken WoRd. It’s nice to meet you!

About this Blog:

This blog is for anyone who considers themselves wonder-full, to be full of wonder. A wonder-full person is someone who is always growing and being and becoming. A wonder-full person cannot be attached to strict definitions or social constraints. A wonder-full person incites wonder (astonishment) in everyone who meets them. A Wonderwomyn (no gender constraints) is a person who is wonder-full. This blog will explore what it means to be wonder-full and how to lead and live a life that creates/highlights the wonder in others.